Duzey PGA Mesh

Duzey PGA Mesh

Duzey PGA Mesh

DUZEY PGA Mesh has been manufactured by using equal amounts of absorbable Polyglycolic acid multifilament fabric and non-absorbable Polypropylene multifilament fabric. Polypropylene polymer fabrics and Poliglycolic acid polymer fabrics are manufactured from the same materials used for surgical suture.


Following the absorption of polyglycolic acid compounds; only polypropylene mesh remains. Structure and size of the remaining mesh is designed optimally for physiological tensions. Polyglycolic acid section of the mesh is absorbed in 90 days following the placement of the mesh. Thanks to large pore structure of DUZEY PGA Mesh, strong, three dimensional calogen fabric network is developed in the healing period. The remaining polypropylene mesh does not constitute an objection for this procedure. Therefore, development of excessive ligament or harmful scar structure is prevented.


DUZEY PGA Mesh is used to attain desired surgical result in treatment of hernia or ligament defects which require support, additional strengthening or bridging. DUZEY PGA Mesh is compliant for laparoscopic use.

Maker : Duzey Medikal Cihazlar San. Tic. Ltd Sti – TURKEY

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  • Duzey Medikal Cihazlar San. Tic. Ltd Sti – TURKEY

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